Raymond Depardon

Raymond Depardon is a photographer, a journalist and a filmmaker, but, above all, his eyes view humans with compassion. He respects others and is kind with the reality of their lives. He was born into a family of farmers in 1942 in Burgundy and went to Paris in 1958, wishing to be a photographer. He was first taken on as a messenger in an agency and was sent to take photos of an opening-night at the cinema: the movie was none other than Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless. He finally established his own agency, Gamma, together with three reporters, in 1966 'not for money but for the freedom'. He suggested to set up a cinema department: 'we bought an Eclair- camera and tried to make news-films for television in addition to taking news-photograhs... It was then that I learned to hold the camera." When Depardon films people, he is silent. If one has the impression that he always keeps his eyes lowered in the face of the world's miseries, it is untrue. Raymond Depardon looks as through a lattice and reacts like quicksilver, keeping his deepest, innermost emotion secret, and allow his pictures to speak for themselves. His films are now screened in all international film festivals, from Cannes to Hong Kong.